Gov. Jay Inslee has signed an executive order to give prisoners who have done their time more support in their search for jobs.

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OLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee has signed an executive order to give those who have completed their prison terms more support once they’re back in the community.

The order, signed Tuesday, directs several agencies with efforts related to reducing recidivism for recent prisoners.

The transition programs include:

• The Office of Financial Management will work with state human-resource managers across the state to address barriers to state employment.

• The Department of Licensing will work to ensure all people leaving a state correctional facility will have an identification card.

•The Department of Commerce will work to identify workforce needs that can be met by those with criminal backgrounds.

Inslee says he hopes to increase six-month post-incarceration employment from 30 percent to 40 percent by next year. About 17,000 people are incarcerated in Washington state prisons, of which about 95 percent will ultimately return to their communities.