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Gov. Jay Inslee lately has become a familiar face on cable television news and other national media as a voice of dissent against President Donald Trump’s stalled travel ban and other policies.

On this week’s episode of The Overcast, the second-term Democrat riffs to political reporters Jim Brunner and Dan Beekman why he’s been so outspoken against the new president.

“I think on quite a number of issues he (Trump) has demonstrated a remarkable degree of parting from historic American values of tolerance and religious freedom and respect for the U.S. Constitution and understanding and following clear science and logic and some modest degree of planning before you tweet chaos across the land,” Inslee says, just for starters.

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He goes on to lambaste Trump’s travel ban as motivated by anti-Muslim bias, rejecting the notion it’s needed to protect against terrorism.

So does Inslee’s newfound national profile signal that he might have 2020 White House aspirations? At about 5:18 in the podcast, Inslee gives his answer.

Moving to state business, Inslee defends an $8 billion tax package he’s rolled out to the Legislature deal with the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision on public school funding.

The governor also is pressed to explain how he came to propose the largest business tax increase in decades — something he gave no hint of while running for reelection last year.

Part of Inslee’s rejoinder: “No one, including Republicans, has been able to find a tin can with billions of dollars in the backyard of the Capitol. That’s a fact.” (For a competing view, check Ep. 18, when we heard from state Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville.)

Listen for more tax talk as well as Inslee’s views on King County’s plans for safe drug injection sites.

And in this week’s political winners and losers: Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the Port of Seattle’s ethics dumpster fire.

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