Sure, everyone’s salivating already for next year’s Trump referendum of an election. But we’re not done with this one yet — not until we present our annual quiz of the season’s lowest lights.

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Candidates and outside corporate and liberal interest groups are setting local spending records in campaigns in Seattle and the Eastside suburbs.

Yet officials have been forecasting either abysmal or low turnout from you, the voters, in Tuesday’s election.


Who knows. But it’s just one of many signs that for all the zeal of the big-money donors, local politics may be having a bit of a hangover this year.

In that spirit, there’s nothing left to do but present our annual quiz to recap the political season’s lows and lowers. Oh, and remember to vote, at least so you can complain later.

The answer key is at the end.

1. To what was Seattle mayoral candidate Cary Moon referring when she said: “Back to white people land.”

a) Going home to her $1.8 million condo

b) Driving to a Greenwood neighborhood forum

c) Her future plans if she loses the election

2. What did Seattle mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan wrestle out of the hands of a community leader that became a viral video?

a) a donation

b) a photo of Obama

c) a microphone

3. Fill in the blank for this boast from King County Sheriff John Urquhart: “One thing that differentiates me is that I actually put the handcuffs on ____.”

a) deviants and psychopaths

b) Kshama Sawant

c) Ed Murray

4. Which candidate had to apologize for tossing airplane bottles of Jose Cuervo at an underage audience?

a) Urquhart, who said he was showing how pro-immigrant he is

b) Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, who said he was showing how soft-on-drugs he is

c) Durkan, who said she was showing how to mimic former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer

5. To what was Urquhart referring when he said “I’m not a big guy about having circles and passing a feather around”?

a) Seattle City Council meetings

b) one-on-ones with City Attorney Holmes in his office

c) restorative justice

6. What was Moon’s two-word answer for how she had the resources to self-finance much of her campaign?

a) white privilege

b) fiscal discipline

c) land speculation

7. How much of the record-breaking $857,000 raised by the independent expenditure group “People for Jenny Durkan” was donated by people?

a) All of it, otherwise they wouldn’t have called the group that.

b) 2 percent

In questions 8 through 12, match the deeds to the political players listed below them:

8. Wrote in the voter guide that “I sincerely doubt I’ll have enough time to be an effective representative for your concerns.”

9. Had yard signs saying “Elect ___, for families,” though police were called to his home half a dozen times for domestic disputes.

10. Temporarily offered voters free beer in exchange for taxpayer-funded democracy vouchers.

11. Ran an ad featuring a Seattle bicyclist saying: “Who cares about higher car tab fees? [Bleep] the cars.”

12. Sent out postcards with photos of heroin needles asking residents: “Do you want Seattle?”

a) Seattle council candidate M. Lorena González

b) A Republican PAC called “Eastside Values”

c) Kent council candidate Russell Hanscom

d) Burien Mayor Lucy Krakowiak

e) Mukilteo council candidate Peter Zieve

13. Where did “Respect Washington,” a group active in Burien that’s dedicated to preserving the state for established residents, get most of its financing?

a) From Native Americans

b) From descendants of the Denny Party

c) From an 83-year-old eugenics advocate in Petoskey, Michigan

14. Which Seattle mayoral candidate pledged to slash the mayor’s office to balance the city budget, yet at the end of October had spent her own campaign into the red?

a) Moon

b) Durkan

c) All of the above

15. Finally, what is the significance of the number “4” in this year’s election?

a) It’s how many millions of dollars you had to have, minimum, to make it to the Seattle mayoral final, despite all the talk of opening up democracy to regular people.

b) It’s the number of mayors Seattle will have this year.

c) It’s the number of weeks, I mean hours, or probably minutes, after the polls close Tuesday before the already crazed 2018 election officially kicks off.

d) Sigh. It’s all of the above.

Answers: 1) b 2) c 3) b 4) c 5) c 6) a 7) b 8) c 9) e 10) a 11) b 12) d 13) c 14) c 15) d