The voters of Fircrest, the last ‘dry’ town in the state, have decided to allow sales of liquor by the glass.

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After 90 years, Fircrest is on the way to allowing sales of liquor by the glass. It was the last “dry” town in the state.

Tuesday night results out of Pierce County show Proposition 1 passing by a wide margin, with 76 percent of voters approving the sale of liquor.

Fircrest, just west of Tacoma. is a bedroom community of 6,500. More than 900 had signed a petition to put the measure on the ballot.

It would mean several food establishments could have alcohol sales, and could pave the way for similar businesses to open up where storefronts now are empty.

Parts of Fircrest do allow liquor by the glass — they had been serving booze before annexation.

But 86 percent of voters live in the “dry” areas.

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“We’re stuck back in time,” says Matt Jolibois, an accountant, City Council member and a backer of Prop. 1.

Scott Brannon is one of three locals who wrote the “argument against” the liquor proposition in the voters’ pamphlet.

The three neighbors all live right behind a town center mall where they worry something like a brew pub could go in.

Said Brannon, “You’ve got parking issues, traffic issues, more importantly, some type of violence taking place. This is a residential street.”