Jenny Durkan led Cary Moon on election night in precincts across most of Seattle, data released Friday show, leading in 737 precincts while Moon was ahead in 230.

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Jenny Durkan dominated Cary Moon across wide swaths of Seattle among voters who had their mayoral-race ballots tallied Tuesday night, a map of the results shows.

The former U.S. attorney led in 737 precincts in the early returns, including nearly every precinct in Northeast Seattle, Magnolia, Queen Anne and West Seattle.

And she crushed Moon in particular areas, winning most precincts in wealthy neighborhoods with water views by 60 percent or more. Moon led in only 230 precincts.

The former urban designer beat Durkan on election night in precincts that community activist Nikkita Oliver won in the August primary. Of those 201 precincts — most of them in Southeast Seattle and the Central District, Moon led in 128.

But that advantage wasn’t enough to keep the race close. Durkan’s 61 percent share Tuesday night sealed the election.

Precinct data has been released only for the election-night results because some ballots are still being counted.

As of Friday afternoon, Durkan held a little more than 57 percent of the vote.