In addition to Seattle, women's marches took place across Washington state, from Twisp to Spokane, Bellingham to Vancouver.

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In addition to the women’s march in Seattle, big crowds also showed up in sister marches across the state.

Here’s a sampling:

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More on women’s marches in Seattle and D.C:

Olympia:  An estimated 10,000 people gathered at the Capitol campus to march, sing and hear speakers.

The crowd then struck out for a march that headed into downtown Olympia before snaking back to the Capitol. One woman was pushed along in a wheelchair behind a banner that read “87 yo. I WILL BE HEARD!”

As they returned to the Capitol, marchers spilled into the courtyard between the Temple of Justice, which houses the state Supreme Court, and the Capitol building. There, more speakers brought thundering cheers from those gathered, including a Muslim speaker who urged unity.

“As a Muslim, I believe we all come from one God,” said Heather Mary, who does outreach for the Islamic Center of Olympia, adding later: “We are all one.”

Yakima: Organizers had originally estimated a crowd of about 150 people, but several participants estimated that at least 1,000 people took part. Among the marchers was Elizabeth Chicken, who said she came to support women’s rights. A resident of Yakima for nine years, she said she’s never felt more American than she did today. A lot of people in Yakima thought they were alone and this morning and this proves they’re not, she said.


Walla Walla: