Democrats who can’t attend the March 26 caucuses due to job schedule or certain other conflicts may be able to cast a vote. But there is a March 18 deadline.

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Democrats who can’t attend next week’s precinct caucuses may be able to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders — but they must act by March 18.

A proxy-vote system is available for people who can’t go to the caucuses due to religious observance, military service, disability, work schedule or illness.

To cast a proxy vote, voters must certify in writing they consider themselves Democrats and that they fall into one of the allowed categories.

The proxy-vote forms, along with instructions on how to submit, are available on the website of the state Democratic Party. They have to be received by the party via mail, fax or email by 5 p.m. Friday.

The March 26 caucuses will determine how Clinton and Sanders divide up the state’s 101 up-for-grabs delegates in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Republicans will wait until the state’s May 24 primary election to decide which GOP candidate for president they support.