A progressive Seattle group’s recruiting ad seeking activists to fight the “Trump Agenda” drew threats and scorn from conservatives nationwide after Sean Hannity posted about it. Then Craigslist removed the ad altogether.

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There are, it’s fair to say, a lot of people who are not happy with the idea of President-Elect Donald Trump.

The Washington Community Action Network (CAN) is a left-wing activist group that focuses on issues like racial justice, immigrant rights and progressive taxation.

Trump launched his political career by questioning the birthplace and legitimacy of the first black president. He wants to build a wall on the Mexican border and has promised a “deportation force” to deal with undocumented immigrants. His tax plan would give an average $1.1 million tax cut to each of the richest 0.1 percent of the population, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, and a $110 tax cut to households in the poorest 20 percent.

Trump and Washington CAN disagree on a lot.

So, it shouldn’t have been shocking when, after Trump’s election, Washington CAN started recruiting employees to oppose his policies.

“Fight the Trump Agenda!” said the recruiting ad, posted to Craigslist Thursday morning. “We’re hiring Full-Time Activists! (Seattle).”

“We are questioning his platform and his values; this is not against the president-elect himself,” said Rosalind Brazel, communications director for Washington CAN. “His values and agenda go against what we fight for.”

Sean Hannity, a well-known Fox News talk-show host and Trump supporter, caught wind of the ad and posted about it on his website on Thursday afternoon.

“Leftists Already Putting Out Ads For ‘Full-Time Activists’ To Fight Trump,” Hannity’s staff wrote.

What happened next: Washington CAN was inundated with angry calls and messages from people across the country.

“There was an onslaught of negative phone calls that came in here yesterday from Trump supporters,” Brazel said. “We got threats, foul language. It’s a pretty volatile day here.”

Craigslist has since removed the ad, noting only that it “is being held for review.”

They offered no explanation for removing the ad, Brazel said.

Craigslist did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

And Washington CAN has reposted its recruitment call, with slightly different language.

“Organize to stop Trump Agenda!” the new ad says. “Be Civil, but Don’t Back Down.”