We kick off a series of weekly posts that collect some of the most interesting news stories about President Donald Trump. Between tweets this past week, he attended a bipartisan meeting, where he wondered aloud why the U.S. can't have more immigrants from Norway instead of places such as Haiti.

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Keeping up with news about President Trump and his administration is daunting, even for the most committed political watchers. This was a typical week full of fire and fury.

This week in Trump

This is one in a continuing series of weekly posts that collect some of the most interesting news stories about Trump. Let us know what you think.

Trump directed his social media ire at a California senator and contradicted himself in the span of two hours on Twitter. He again waded into the politicization of the national anthem at the college football national championship and addressed a gathering of the nation’s farmers in Tennessee while his is administration issued guidance to states that want to impose Medicaid work requirements.

Not to be lost in the yuge amount of tweet reading and hot takes on the 45th president was a piece titled “Making China Great Again” in last week’s New Yorker. Evan Osnos examines China’s growing influence as Trump embraces U.S. isolationism with actions backing his “America First” mantra. The article is packed with chilling, eyebrow-raising quotes about how China uses flattery, charm and manipulation to work Trump over. Shen Dingli, a foreign-affairs specialists at Shanghai’s Fudan University, told Osnos that, “China knows Trump can be unpredictable, so we have weapons to make him predictable, to contain him. He would trade Taiwan for jobs.” Not what the Taiwanese, China’s other neighbors and U.S. allies want to hear.

Osnos writes that a number of China specialists describe the “administration’s approach as inchoate,” and David Lampton, director of China studies at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins said, “I think this is like a bunch of drunks in a car fighting for the steering wheel.” Ouch.

The most inflammatory headline came from a Oval Office meeting, where members from both parties were present to try to hammer out an immigration deal. The Washington Post first reported that when protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries was suggested, Trump openly wondered, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries here.” Trump followed that up by saying the U.S. should have more people from places like Norway coming to our shores.

What would the sales pitch be to the citizens of a country that ranks No. 1 on the United Nation’s International Human Development Index compared to the U.S., which comes in at No. 10?