"While the election results will probably continue to tighten, the outcome is unlikely to be what we hoped," Cary Moon said in a statement.

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Cary Moon conceded to Jenny Durkan in Seattle’s mayoral election Wednesday.

“I have offered my congratulations to Jenny Durkan, Seattleā€™s first woman mayor in 90 years,” Moon said in a statement to supporters of her campaign. “I urge her to boldly confront the challenges facing our city and to remember that Seattle’s prosperity should provide shared opportunity and success for everyone, not just the wealthy few. ”

Though Durkan, a former U.S. attorney, led with 61 percent of the vote in Tuesday night returns, Moon didn’t immediately give up. The urbanist and waterfront activist initially held out hope that ballots counted later might help her close the gap.

But an additional 14,400 ballots counted Wednesday added to Durkan’s lead in total votes.

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“While the election results will probably continue to tighten, the outcome is unlikely to be what we hoped,” Moon said in her statement.

“We should not let that discourage us,” she added, saying her campaign had been “strong, transparent and honest” and had driven conversation about housing affordability, real-estate speculation and inequality.

In an interview Wednesday, Durkan she was “thrilled and happy” when she saw Tuesday night’s results.

She attributed her victory to voters choosing the candidate they thought would build coalitions “to get things done.”

“I want to congratulate Cary Moon on the strong race that she’s run and the ideas she brought to the table,” Durkan added, in a statement. “In nearly 100 debates and forums, I saw firsthand her love for our city and her commitment to compassionately address the toughest challenges facing Seattle.”

Moon asked her backers to hold Seattle’s leaders accountable.

“We must ensure our homeless neighbors can move back inside, that people of all income levels have a place in our city and that our elected leaders share power across race, gender and class in our government,” she said.