The deadline for candidates in local and state races to file for the Aug. 4 primary and Nov. 5 general elections was Friday. Here are the candidates for a few important local races.

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The deadline for candidates in local and state races to file for the Aug. 4 primary and Nov. 5 general elections was Friday. Candidates have until 4:30 p.m. Monday to withdraw if they don’t want to make the ballot after all.

Below is a list of candidates who filed in a handful of important local races.

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Seattle City Council

Forty-seven people have officially filed to run for the Seattle City Council’s nine positions in the council’s first year of elections by geographic district for seven seats.

In 2013, the ballot listed 10 candidates for four citywide council positions. In 2011, 13 hopefuls competed for five citywide seats. Seattle voters in 2013 approved a ballot measure making the switch to seven district positions and two citywide seats.

The district council members will be elected this year to four-year terms, while the citywide members will be elected to two-year terms. Starting in 2017, the citywide members will be elected in the same years as the mayor and the city attorney.

The large number of candidates set to make the 2015 ballot would appear to validate what proponents of district elections argued: That voting by geographic locale lowers barriers to run for office and encourages more people to launch campaigns.

The jury is still out on another argument made by some proponents of district elections: That the new system would reduce the amount of money in Seattle politics.

Including some candidates who registered campaigns with the city but who won’t be on the ballot because they didn’t file with the county, hopefuls have so far raised more than $1.3 million. In 2013, with four seats up for grabs, candidates raised $3.7 million throughout the campaign.

The most money has flowed to the race for Position 8, in which current Council President Tim Burgess has raised more than $147,000 in his bid retain a citywide seat.

The second most-monied contest is in District 3, where current Councilmember Kshama Sawant is running with more than $81,000 raised thus far.

Mian Rice, son of former Mayor Norm Rice, dropped his District 5 bid this week.

Six of the council’s nine members are running for re-election. The council’s elections are nonpartisan.

District 1: Shannon Braddock, Pavel Goberman, Lisa Herbold, Chas Redmond, Arturo Robles, Jody Rushmer, Phillip Tavel, Brianna Thomas, Karl Wirsing

District 2: Bruce Harrell, Josh Farris, Tammy Morales

District 3: Pamela Banks, Morgan Beach, Lee Carter, Rod Hearne, Kshama Sawant

District 4: Jean Godden, Rob Johnson, Michael Maddux, Abel Pacheco, Tony Provine

District 5: Sandy Brown, Debadutta Dash, Mercedes Elizalde, Debora Juarez, Kris Lethin, Hugh H. Russell, David Toledo, Halei Watkins

District 6: Jon Lisbin, Mike O’Brien, Stan Shaufler, Catherine Weatbrook

District 7: Sally Bagshaw, Gus Hartmann, Deborah Zech-Artis

Position 8: Tim Burgess, Jon Grant, John Persak, John Roderick

Position 9: Alon Bassok, Bill Bradburd, Lorena Gonzalez, Omari Tahir-Garrett, Thomas A. Tobin, Alex Tsimerman

Metropolitan King County Council

Two incumbent Metropolitan King County Council members are running unopposed: Larry Gosset, who represents much of Seattle, and Joe McDermott, who represents Vashon Island and parts of Seattle, Burien, SeaTac and Tukwila.

The other two county council districts in play this year are contested.

Jeanne Kohl-Welles, currently a Democratic state senator, and Rufe Orr have filed to take over District 4 from Larry Phillips, who’s retiring. District 4 covers Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and a swath of the city’s northwest.

Claudia Balducci, currently the mayor of Bellevue, is challenging incumbent Jane Hague in District 6, which takes in Bellevue and other parts of the Eastside.

The county council’s elections are nonpartisan.

District 2: Larry Gossett

District 4: Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Rufe Orr

District 6: Claudia Balducci, Jane Hague

District 8: Joe McDermott

Bellevue City Council

In Bellevue, three candidates have filed to run for the city council seat being vacated by Mayor Claudia Balducci, who is seeing a spot on the Metropolitan King County Council. Sherry Grindeland, a journalist and chair of the Bellevue Parks Board, will face 2013 candidate Vandana Slatter and Planning Commissioner Michelle Hilhorst.

Former long-serving council member Don Davidson is challenging incumbent John Chelminiak. Incumbent Jennifer Robertson will run against Lyndon Heywood and Bill Hirt. Incumbent John Stokes is unopposed.

Position No. 1: John Stokes

Position No. 3: John Chelminiak, Don Davidson

Position No. 5: Sherry Grindeland, Michelle Hilhorst, Vandana Slatter

Position No. 7: Lyndon Heywood, Bill Hirt, Jennifer Robertson

Port of Seattle Commission

There are 12 people running for two open Port of Seattle Commission seats.

While Courtney Gregoire is running for re-election for Position 2, Bill Bryant has announced his candidacy for Governor and is not running for re-election for Position 5.

These elections come as the Port has been under intense scrutiny over a lease with Seattle-based Foss Maritime to use Terminal 5 as a staging ground for Shell Oil’s Arctic Drilling fleet.

Position No. 2: Goodspaceguy, Courtney Gregoire, John Naubert

Position No. 5: Darrell Bryan, Fred Felleman, Mark Hennon, Herb Krohn, Richard Pope, Daniel E. Reandeau, Ken Rogers, Norman Z. Sigler, Marion Yoshino

School board races

Four seats on the seven-member Seattle School Board will be up for grabs this fall — three of them with no incumbent in the race. Three of the four board members who would have faced re-election decided against running, including Board President Sherry Carr and Vice President Sharon Peaslee. Three of the races have attracted four candidates apiece.

Voters also will select school board members in 19 other districts in King County, and 15 in Snohomish County. Here are the candidates in Seattle, Bellevue, Lake Washington, and Northshore.

Seattle School District

District No. 1: Michael Christophersen, Scott S. Pinkham

District No. 2: Rick Burke, Laura Obara Gramer, Deborah Leblang, Julie McCleery

District No. 3: Jill Geary, Stephen J. Clayton, Lauren McGuire, David Blomstrom

District No. 6: Nick Esparza, Leslie Harris, Marty McLaren, Suzanne L. Sutton

Bellevue School District

District No. 1: Steve McConnell, Eric Warwick

District No. 2: Sharon Taubel, Carolyn Watson

District No. 4: Christine Chew

Lake Washington School District

District No. 1: Eric Laliberte, Jackie Pendergrass

District No. 2: Rob Tepper, Chris Carlson

District No. 5: Siri Bliesner

Northshore School District

District No. 2: John Harley Hammond, Ken Smith

District No. 3: David Cogan, Isaac Parsons, Berta Phillips