How a hashtag was born: With the Legislature working long hours and accomplishing little, some Olympia insiders took to Twitter to entertain themselves.

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Rarely is social media quite this nerdy. But with the Washington Legislature working long hours Tuesday night and accomplishing little — Senate Republicans spent much of the day trying, futilely, to hold a vote on a tax measure that they didn’t want to pass anyway — some Olympia insiders took to Twitter to entertain themselves.

Thus was born the hashtag #walegmovies — combining the drudgery of a Legislature that seems like it’s making little progress on its biggest issues with, well, movies.

It seems the hashtag started with The Seattle Times’ Olympia reporter, Joseph O’Sullivan. With the Legislature facing an upcoming deadline that could force local school districts to cut funding — the so-called “levy cliff” — O’Sullivan invoked a Sylvester Stallone classic.

Other legislative reporters quickly followed suit, some invoking a bit of frustration with the slog they were witnessing.

The hashtag took off among the Olympia Twitter elite and was soon trending, with hundreds of tweets sent Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. None expressed much optimism. There were Republican operatives:

And Republican representatives:

And a lot of jokes about levy cliffs:


And jokes about the Legislature’s specific vernacular:

And with the Legislature seemingly no closer to solving its multibillion dollar school-funding deficit, the McCleary decision was ripe material: