Another hurdle in Congress was cleared for Sen. Patty Murray’s legislation to get Veterans Affairs to pay for in vitro fertilization for injured soldiers seeking to have children.

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The House of Representatives on Thursday passed an appropriations bill that includes a provision to pay for assisted reproductive technology for veterans who suffered injuries that prevent them from having a child naturally.

The House vote on the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriation bill cleared another hurdle for legislation championed by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. She has been trying since 2012 to reverse a Department of Veterans Affairs policy that prevents covering the costs of in vitro fertilization and other procedures to assist veterans who need medical help to have children.

Murray said she was encouraged by the House vote, but noted she was disappointed with the provisions in the overall bill, which she said cut veterans care by $500 million and had other drawbacks.

The appropriations bill now moves to the Senate.