Bernie Sanders now has a campaign office in Seattle and 20 paid staffers in the state, following Hillary Clinton’s operation, which has had staff in the state since January.

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The 2016 presidential campaign is on its way to Washington state.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders added a campaign office in Seattle on Sunday and has 20 paid staffers in the state preparing for the March 26 caucuses. Those workers have begun canvassing and phone-banking.

Judging by the volume of campaign donations that residents have committed to Sanders, he already has a strong base in this state.

“We have a ton of supporters here who have been active and volunteering for us even before we got on the ground,” said Joan Kato, who helped lay the groundwork for the state operation and is now going to work at the campaign’s national headquarters.

The campaign expects more office openings in the coming days.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has also been building a presence in the area. Stephanie Formas, a spokeswoman, said the campaign has had staff in the state since January and a Seattle office open for a few weeks. On Saturday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee met with Puget-Sound-area Clinton supporters for canvassing events.

Formas said the Clinton campaign also expects to open more offices in the near future.

Sanders has performed well so far in states that hold caucuses instead of primaries. On Saturday, he beat Clinton in caucuses in Kansas and Nebraska. Clinton won Louisiana, which held a primary.

Kato said campaigns with enthusiastic supporters tend to perform well in caucus states, something she said also happened eight years ago when she was working on Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.

Republicans in the state will allocate their delegates during the primary May 24.