Two low-stakes amendments to the King County charter, essentially the county’s constitution, appeared headed toward easy passage Tuesday night.

Charter Amendment 1 was being approved by 77% of voters in Tuesday’s returns, while Charter Amendment 2 was being approved by 88%. A simple majority is required for passage.

Charter Amendment 1 makes several changes — some symbolic, one grammatical — to the charter’s preamble.

It would change the stated purpose of the charter to include forming a more “equitable” government “for all” and promoting “a superior quality of life.” It also would change the word “insure” to “ensure,” in a sentence about the county’s responsibility for accountable governance. Both words are technically correct, but, according to Merriam-Webster, “insure” is more frequently used with financial matters, while “ensure” is used more broadly.

Charter Amendment 2 would amend timelines and dates for filing initiatives, referendums and ballot measures so that the dates in the charter comply with state law. The timelines currently in the charter conflict with state law, because the law has been changed since the charter was adopted.

Passage of both amendments were recommended by the county’s once-a-decade Charter Review Commission.

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