A Bellevue Police Department spokesman said the third suspect hasn't been identified. Two other suspects, both 16 years old, were taken into custody Sunday evening.

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The Bellevue Police Department is searching for a third suspect involved in the armed robbery of two Bellevue gas stations on 148th Avenue Sunday evening and suspected also of an armed carjacking and shooting earlier in Burien.

Employees who called 911 from the Shell gas station near Main Street and the 76 gas station near Northeast 24th Street, located just over a mile from each other, said three masked people entered their stores and robbed them at gunpoint, according to the Bellevue police blog.

No one was hurt during either incident, but an undisclosed amount of money and merchandise was taken from both locations. The suspects managed to leave the 76 station before police received the call around 8 p.m. But officers were close by when the second call from the Shell station came in 40 minutes later. They caught two of the suspects, both 16-year-0ld males, as they ran out of the Shell store.

A spokesperson for the Bellevue department said he doesn’t know if the third person has been identified yet. On Monday they were still trying to find the suspect.

In Burien the same suspects were involved in a carjacking and shootout reported in Burien just a few hours before; the car used by the suspects, a Toyota RAV4, was parked across the street from the Shell.

The owner of a home in the 400 block at South 191st Place had just arrived home when he found three males outside his house. They confronted him and demanded his car, and one of them showed his gun. But the owner, who had a concealed-pistol license, pulled his own gun and shot at the suspects, and they shot back, said King County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Ryan Abbott.

No one was injured in the Burien incident, but the three suspects managed to get away with the car. One vehicle parked nearby had bullet holes, said Abbott, but “as far as we know, no one was hit.”

Bellevue police are still looking for the handgun that was used in the Bellevue armed robberies, which they believe might be located somewhere near the intersection of 148th Avenue and Main Street.