Rescuers located the 24-year-old woman south of Mowich Lake on Monday night, more than 24 hours after she embarked on the hike. It’s unclear if or to what extent she’s injured.

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Rescuers have located a 24-year-old Missouri woman who was reported missing after embarking on a hike in the Mount Rainier area on Sunday afternoon.

As of late Monday night, the crew was still working to help the woman off the mountainous terrain, according to Rainier National Park ranger Kevin Bacher. She left for the hike around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Puyallup police said.

The woman got stuck in a remote and rugged spot off what’s called Wonderland Trail, south of Mowich Lake, he said. It’s unclear if or to what extent she is injured.

“We’re still working,” Bacher said. “She seems to be in stable condition and is not able to get back to the trail.”

Depending on Monday night’s conditions, the rescue effort could carry into Tuesday morning, he said.

Someone from the crew will use a harness to help her from the spot, or they will use a mobile stretcher with ropes to carry her out, depending on her injuries, Bacher said.

The woman and her mother arrived in Puyallup on Sunday as part of a cross-country road trip, said Puyallup police Capt. Scott Engle.

Bacher said the Wonderland Trail is one of the park’s popular trails that’s well maintained and contains “steep sections.”