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There appears to be a police impersonator roaming Seattle’s Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill.

Seattle police say they have received reports this month of someone trying to pass himself off as an undercover cop.

On Wednesday and on Dec. 19, park goers contacted officers to report being confronted by a man around the age of 40, said department spokesman Mark Jamieson.

In both incidents the impersonator asked to see drivers licenses. While looking in the victims’ wallets, he removed cash and credit cards, Jamieson said.

The victim in Wednesday’s incident described the impersonator as a white man, 5-feet 5-inches, 150-pounds with “longish” blond hair. The man was dressed in dark clothing and had a gold badge attached to his waistband or belt.

The victim in the earlier incident described the impersonator as a “scruffy looking” white man with short reddish/brown hair and dressed in a green knee-length jacket and brown sweater, Jamieson said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Seattle Police Department Robbery Unit at 206-684-5535.