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We may not have figured out the whole winter-driving, street-plowing, or reliable-electrical-grid things, but never let it be said we don’t have some priorities right.

Just take a look at shopping lists of people stocking up after weather “forecasters” (word used loosely) started to spread the word of the approaching mondo snowstorm.

In some places, those warnings would have resulted in a run on bread, blankets and space heaters.

In Seattle? As one correspondent heralded on Facebook: “Ballard Market is out of hummus and salsa!”

More Extreme Winter Blasting:

The Week’s I-Have-Met-The-Problem-And-It-Is-Me Award: To “Parka Boy” Jim Forman and others from KING-5, who spent days in “Snow King” driving around aimlessly through the snow to make the point that it’s probably not a good idea to drive around aimlessly through the snow.

Just a Thought: KING’s live-from-the-front-seat gimmick needs audience participation. For a real ratings bonanza, how about combining Snow King with Cash Cab? “You’ve got 12 blocks between your walled compound and the Italian espresso machine parts warehouse in Laurelhurst. For $500: How old is Stan Boreson?”

Because it was so Incredibly Popular: Another thought on bridge tolls: It’s just a matter of time before the state finds a way to get a pound of flesh from all of you troublemaking north-lake rerouters. Electronic tolls might not be practical, but what’s to stop Gov. Chris Gregoire, D-Peter Principle, from slapping a $1.50-per-tub “fee” on all ketchup and tartar dispensed at the Lake City Dick’s?

Small Suggestion for Touchy Weather Blogger Cliff Mass: If you can’t handle a little ribbing about an about-face forecasting retreat on Tuesday, maybe keep the epic snow-dump prediction a little deeper in your bottom drawer on Monday.

“Mass” Media, 101: In a rant about media “hype” of sensational weather forecasts, the aforementioned weather guy pointed out to the “ill-informed” among us that forecasts “tend to change in time,” and “become more accurate the closer you get in time to an event.” No kidding? Turns out they’re 100 percent accurate by the time said “event” is sending a Douglas fir through the roof of your house. Maybe that’s why some people get paid to make fore-casts.

OK, the Snark Box Lid Being Already Ajar: Rumor has it that a scribe for some minor Southern California media outlet ran with the oh-so-original premise that Seattle drivers are “snow wimps.” Let’s not all get our gaiters in a knot about those annoying L.A. types. You’d be cranky, too, if your most spectacular local natural feature was a tar pit.

TMI, Redefined: Add “Newt Gingrich” and “open marriage” to the list of words that should never bump against one another in the English language.

You Saw This Coming: The Italian captain who accidentally tripped and fell into one of the early lifeboats departing his foundering cruise ship now is rumored to have been dining with a “mystery woman” shortly before the ship hit the rocks. Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini already has implicated Amanda Knox.

And Finally: Alaska Airlines on Thursday announced that it was “precanceling” many flights for Friday. Thank God. Nothing worse than getting aloft and finding out your flight’s been post-canceled.

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