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stevewinston050109m.jpgMay 1, 1.44 p.m. [View larger] [Map]
Steve Winston, owner of The Spanish Table store on Western Avenue, showed me around the construction in Pike Place Market a few days ago. The aging market is just starting a series of renovations (see pdf) that have some business owners concerned.
The most visible one is the upgrade of the Hillclimb area, where a new elevator will provide better access to all the levels of the market. And in August a 150-foot crane is expected to go up off Western Avenue. (A “name that crane” contest is being promoted at the market’s website.)
While Steve looks forward to improved access to all levels of the market, he is concerned about the impact of a lengthy and messy construction. “They need better signage,” he says. “A better way for people to get back and forth between the street.”
The whole market –which I love by the way– could use better signage. I don’t recall seeing a diagram of where stores are. If there’s one, I missed it. I went back to the market on Monday and somewhat miraculously I ended up “Down Under”, where I had never dared to go before. There I found BLMF books, but I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.