Goodspaceguy, a perennial candidate for public office, finished a distant second in a primary race for port commissioner and will face Courtney Gregoire, daughter of a former governor whom he ran against as a primary candidate in 2004.

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For the first time in 12 years, Goodspaceguy has made it into the general election.

The perennial candidate is taking on Courtney Gregoire for her seat on the Port of Seattle Commission.

By his count, this was Goodspaceguy’s 16th primary. He has run for office every year since 2002, and says he also ran twice in the 1980s; digital King County election records go back only to 1998. This is the third time he’s made it through to the general election, according to those records. Both previous races were for Metropolitan King County Council, up against current County Executive Dow Constantine.

Goodspaceguy’s races

Primary —

2002 — King County Council — 7.3%

2003 — King County Council — 15.7%

2004* — Governor — 37%

2005 — King County Executive — 9.1%

2006 — U.S. Senator — .8%

2007 — King County Council — 7.9%

2008 — U.S. Representative — 2.5%

2009 — King County Executive — 1.2%

2010 — U.S. Senator — .3%

2011 — King County Council — 4.7%

2012 — U.S. Representative — .8%

2013 — King County Executive — 4%

2014 — US. Representative — 1.2%

2015 — Port of Seattle Commission — 9%

General —

2002 — King County Council — 6.8%

2003 — King County Council — 16 %

*Percent of vote for the libertarian party

King County Elections

He also has appeared on primary ballots for King County Executive and U.S. representative, and has taken on both Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for a chance at becoming a U.S. senator.

This is the first time, however, that he has run for the Port of Seattle Commission. He said he thinks someone with a business and economics background should be on the commission. On his website, he describes himself as an “amateur economist.”

“People in my (County Council) district have rejected me a number of times,” he said this week. “So I thought I would take my free-market capitalism message to King County as a whole.”

It wasn’t a bad plan. As of Friday afternoon, he had pulled in 24,516 votes. When running for County Council and U.S. representative, he never got more than 4,744 votes.

As a self-proclaimed spokesman for the competitive free market, Goodspaceguy says he runs for office with hopes that he can create an economic foundation that can provide every resident with a job. That is, however, as long as they are willing to accept their own market rate, which he says is determined by their productivity, responsibility and attitude — not by an ever-increasing minimum wage or union wages.

“People who support minimum wage ruin people’s lives,” Goodspaceguy said.

As a Port commissioner, he said, he could save the Port money by not using high-paid union workers for projects. He said he would like the Port to be based more on a supply-and-demand structure, increasing competition by driving down the price to operate different operations, which in turn will attract more customers.

In the past he has also talked of colonizing space, and his website is still

Goodspaceguy says he knows he is a perennial candidate, but also says he is always taking on perennial incumbents, so why not?

“This is the economy the perennial incumbents have given us,” he explained. “They created the society we have with this massive unemployment and huge number of homeless people I see in our society who can’t get work because the minimum wage destroys jobs.”

Gregoire captured 83 percent of the vote in the Aug. 4 primary, and Goodspaceguy said he knows it will take a miracle to win in the Nov. 3 general election. He hasn’t raised any money for his campaign.

This is not the first time he has run against a Gregoire. He took on Chris Gregoire — Courtney’s mother — for governor in 2004. Gregoire, of course, went on to win the general election and became governor in 2005.

“It is interesting what a small world we live in,” Goodspaceguy said of facing both mother and daughter in different elections. “Spaceship Earth is small.”