No, Kitsap residents, the name of your street is not being changed to Cannabis Way. And no, nobody from the county will be showing up Monday morning to dig a 6-foot hole in your yard. Claims that a cell tower will be built at the end of your driveway are likewise false.

Kitsap County Public Works officials issued an unusual notice last week warning residents to “hang up” on anyone claiming to be a public-works employee planning work in their yard. The calls look like they’re coming from the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce because the prankster is spoofing the chamber’s phone number.

Doug Bear, the county’s public communications manager, said Friday that officials started getting reports about the prank calls on Thursday afternoon.

The prankster identified himself as Bob Doblina of Kitsap County Public Works and told those who answered their phones that work was planned on their property, according to the county.

The county said that, among other things, residents were told:

  • We’re going to be digging a 6-foot hole in your yard on Monday. There was money left in a budget and someone needed to learn how to dig a hole.
  • We’ll be parking a truck in front of your business or residence for two weeks to repair a pothole.
  • Your address on Clear Creek Road is being changed to Cannabis Way.
  • We’re installing a cell tower at the end of your driveway.
  • We’re going to be marking your yard tomorrow to dig 3 feet on Monday.

The county said similar spoofs have been reported previously and that the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce is working with their phone-service provider to resolve the issue.

Residents are advised to hang up on the prankster and call Kitsap1 at 360-337-5777 to verify suspect information.

Phony phone calls