Pasado's Safe Haven in Monroe takes in 92 hens from a California-based animal rescue.

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Pasado’s Safe Haven in Monroe received 92 chickens Wednesday morning from a California-based animal rescue, The Animal Place. The chickens were rescued from a Southern California conventional egg-laying facility that uses confined cages known as “battery cages.” The chickens are all Leghorns with white feathers and red combs, Pasado’s officials said. The front of their beaks have all been cut off, a standard practice used by the industry to keep hens from pecking each other when they are crammed by the thousands into warehouses or kept in tiny cages, Pasado’s officials said. De-beaking is also intended to decrease feather-pecking triggered by the stress of the birds’ confinement. The industry destroys hens when their egg-laying declines, Pasado’s says, but chickens (these are 2 years old) can live to be 8 to 10. Once their health is assessed and they are cleared, the chickens will be available for adoption — probably in about 30 days. They will stay at Pasado’s Safe Haven until they are adopted.