Wouldn’t one of the high-back captain’s chairs from the now-closed 13 Coins restaurant look good in your rec room? What about those padded dining booths? You can buy them at auction.

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Oh, yeah.

You can just envision right in your rec room one of those high-back, swiveling captain’s chairs from the now-closed 13 Coins restaurant in South Lake Union.

You’ll sit there, comfy as can be in your nest. Mmmm, mmmm.

Or how about one of those 13 Coins, U-shaped dining booths, the padded ones that can seat 8? That’d be a kitchen remodel to go along with that $16 eggs Benedict.

Lucky you, the online auction by the James G. Murphy Co. for the contents of the entire restaurant ends at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

There is a small hitch.

You can’t just bid on one captain’s chair. Each lot is for four chairs, except for one that is for six chairs.

That’d make a statement to friends, although maybe you’d have others willing to share in the bid and the bounty.

And the U-shaped booth, you have to buy two of them. Sure, you’d have to expand that kitchen nook, but, 13 Coins every night!

You can also buy just one single-sided, high-back padded bench seat from the regular-sized booths, although that doesn’t have quite the same nostalgic feeling. The dining tables are sold separately.

You also need to be handy and have a truck.

“Customers are responsible for removing their items from the auction site,” states the catalog, and you have three days to do it.

“We’ll assist, if you need a screwdriver or something like that,” says Colin Murphy, the auction coordinator, the third generation of the Murphy auction family.

You can visit the venerable restaurant for a preview Monday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

That way, you can figure out just how you’re going to haul out those booths, and you can plan stuff like how you’re going to anchor that captain’s chair.

“They sit on down on a cylinder that’s supported by a concrete base,” says Celester Gray, director of operations for the three 13 Coins restaurants, about the chairs.

That anchoring, and being wrapped up by all that Naugahyde, is one reason why you never fell off the chairs after a long night.

Gray says the chairs will need “a little retrofitting” so they can stand on their own.

The 13 Coins that closed in South Lake Union will reopen Feb. 1 in Pioneer Square. It’ll have updated versions of the same types of chairs and booths, says Gray.

They’ll be made by J.H. Carr, the Kent custom restaurant-booth company that’s supplied 13 Coins for several decades. Updating, for example, means using steel-and-aluminum frames instead of the old steel ones, says Gray.

In case you were wondering, no, J.H. Carr doesn’t sell to individuals.

You can, however, go online and find restaurant-furniture suppliers. For example, there’s a “Tuscany II” swiveling metal bar stool that looks modern and not very comfortable. Only $769.

There are 100 people signed up so far to bid. Murphy says he expects bidding to ramp up the closer it gets to the deadline. One way the bidding gets higher is that if there is a new bid for a specific item within two minutes of deadline, the bidding is extended by another three minutes.

To get to the booths and captain’s chairs, you’ll have to wait through all the generic-looking coffee mugs, plates and silverware that’s up for sale.

Although right at the end there is another item that could be of interest.

You know that oval entry service desk as you walked in? Wouldn’t that look good when greeting friends at your home? Minimum bid, $10.