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A Seattle police officer took this picture of a sheep in the back of his patrol car. Police said he made quite a mess before being taken by the Seattle Animal Shelter.

The owner of a free-spirited sheep that Seattle police found wandering around Beacon Hill on Monday came forward and took him from the Seattle Animal Shelter today, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The full-grown sheep’s long, curved horns first had police and shelter workers thinking a mountain goat had been roaming Seattle streets. But it turns out he is a domesticated male sheep that someone was supposed to be watching for an out-of-town friend, according to SPD’s online blotter.

The sheep broke out of a South Seattle yard and wandered off — so much for that stereotype that sheep are followers.

News of the wandering sheep reached a relative of the owner, who realized it was his. When he picked the animal, he had to pay an impound and microchipping fee of $75, according to the blotter.