What a stroke of luck it was to have an Aussie artist parachute into town to save us from our own ignorance. You might have seen Konstantin...

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What a stroke of luck it was to have an Aussie artist parachute into town to save us from our own ignorance.

You might have seen Konstantin Dimopoulos, or some of his minions, flitting around town, staining perfectly healthy trees a vivid tarp-blue color. The project, at Westlake Park and along the Burke-Gilman Trail, is part of an international “art installation” cleverly entitled The Blue Trees.

The blue hue is the artist’s subtle attempt to draw attention to trees, which he himself has concluded people take for granted, despite their vital role as “the lungs of the world.”

The blue stain, made from the stone azurite, is expected to gradually wash away.

As soon as it does, Mr. Wrap will be applying for his own 1-percent-for-the-arts grant, financed by an additional 30 grand in public funds, for a follow-up art project, The Brown and Green Trees.

It’s designed to make the even-more-profound point that the best way to honor our trees is to leave them the hell alone.

Other high art:

The Week’s All-You-Need-To-Know-In-a-Headline Award Winner: “Gingrich think tank declares bankruptcy.”

Is It Too Late to Resurrect the Suspenders? CNN talk-show gasbag Piers Morgan is leading the former news network into depths of irrelevance perhaps reachable only by James Cameron’s submarine. Actual recent shows: Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal commenting on the Trayvon Martin case. Possible upcoming topics: Meat Loaf on quantum physics; Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn on effective civic leadership.

Mirror, Mirror: In a stunning development, a mug shot issued by California penal authorities revealed that convicted lunatic murderer Charles Manson, 77, looks surprisingly like a lunatic murderer who’s been rotting away in prison for more than four decades.

Gee, Never Thought We’d Live to See the Day: When the words “hostile work environment” and “State Sen. Pam Roach” would appear in the same sentence.

Major Scare Averted: Saw a news ticker headline reference to “5 million tons of debris” crawl across the screen the other day. Fortunately, we later learned it referred to drifting flotsam from the Japan tsunami and not, as originally feared, Mr. Wrap’s email inbox.

Speaking of Which: Can you imagine the giddiness on the deck of that U.S. Coast Guard cutter up in the North Pacific when the order came to sink that derelict fishing trawler — and the crew actually got to fire the big guns at something?

Important Travel Update: Allegiant Airlines (motto: “Our Planes are not Old, They’re Deeply Experienced”) will soon begin charging $35 for carry-on hair.

Just for the Record: Allegiant’s response to criticism over its petty nickel-and-diming — that its overall fares remain as much as 50 percent lower than competitors — would be a sound argument if it was true. Which it isn’t, at least where the airline competes head-to-head locally with Alaska.

And Finally: Bill White, the 62-year-old father and co-conspirator in the Twisp family accused in a slew of poaching crimes, including the slaughter of much of the state’s first fledgling wolf pack in the Methow Valley, struck a plea deal which, unbelievably, includes zero jail time. Federal “prosecutors” in Spokane, take note: Treatments are available these days for low-testosterone syndrome. Get help.

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