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Sketched May 16 and May 21, 2012
From the outside, the Haller Lake Community Club blends in with the lush landscape of cedar trees near the small and quiet lake in North Seattle. Step inside and you’ll discover a unique arts venue where they turn up the volume every once in a while.
Members of the Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society come here for “Pizza and Pipes.” They unbox a historic Wurlitzer pipe organ and delight audiences with pizza, show tunes and silent-movie comedies.
Theater organs may be old instruments — they were made to go with silent movies — but organist Jo Ann Evans said they sound like a full-blown orchestra, and people of all ages are wowed when they listen to one.
You can hear it for yourself at the club’s 90th birthday party June 7, or at Pizza and Pipes on June 9.
Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society events schedule at
Haller Lake Community Club info at
Haller Lake’s artistic activities don’t end with the pipe organ concerts. The day I visited, the parking lot was full of the SUVs of moms who were attending a “Nurturing Baby” dance class with their infants. Instructor Terry Goetz explained that the class is part of the educational activities of the Creative Dance Center, which has used the Haller Lake clubhouse since the 1990s.
Longtime Haller Lake neighbor Marita Niemann, who was setting up the parking lot sign with the club’s 90th birthday announcement, said it’s exciting to see younger generations use the facility.
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