NEWPORT, Ore. (AP) — After starting on time for the first time in years, Oregon’s Dungeness crab season is seeing a record-breaking haul.

KGW reports crabbers have brought in about $80 million this season, which began Dec. 1, according to Tim Novotny with the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission. It’s the most revenue since the 2017-2018 season, which brought in $74 million, according to the commission.

Crabbing season lasts until August.

“Everything has fallen into place like we have not seen in a decade or longer,” Novotny said.

The strong season is a welcome change for those in the crabbing industry, which has been plagued by delays to the start of the season over recent years over a variety of factors — small crabs, toxins in the water, and contentious price negotiations. The fish and crab industry was also hit hard by restaurant closures during the pandemic.

Off Washington state’s coast, crabbers get early start to season, haul in bounty of Dungeness crab

“This is the time we struggle because we have to make boat payments, and it’s just been a relief and so much off our stress level,” said Taunette Dixon, a small boat owner in Newport who works with Newport Fisherman’s Wives, an organization that supports families in the fishing industry.

More than 15 million pounds of crab have been collected so far this season, Novotny said. There were only 12 million pounds of crab caught in all of last season.