Monday is #LoveMyNewspaper day. We appreciate our Seattle Times readers and thank you for supporting the work we do.

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Monday (Dec. 5) is #LoveMyNewspaper day, which warms the hearts of even the most hardened journalists. At The Seattle Times, we are deeply appreciative of readers. The work we do is done to try to improve our community, shed light on wrongs — and sometimes we also try to have a little bit of fun.

Here are a few notable stories from the past weeks:

Seattle Times investigative reporter Daniel Gilbert had a story from Christchurch, New Zealand. Gilbert showed readers the devastating impact of a 2011 earthquake there and the lesson learned that could help Seattle better weather a similar quake, which is bound to happen. Another story we have been throwing a lot of resources and attention toward is the Standing Rock Sioux and their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Environmental reporter Lynda Mapes and photographer Alan Berner traveled to Cannon Ball, N.D., in October and were two of the only journalists there to cover the protests as they erupted.

Hard news isn’t all we do. Seattle and the region is rapidly changing. Telling that story and how the changes are impacting the community is important. Check out this piece from Christine Clarridge about how Seattle’s growth has made city sidewalks difficult to navigate. Newcomers surely need help pronouncing Washington towns and places or  identifying their perfect neighborhood.

None of these stories would be possible without your support. Thank you. If you find our work valuable and want to see more of it, consider a subscription.