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Posted by Jim Brunner / Seattle Times staff reporter

At the Seattle home of Ann and Bruce Blume, where the fundraising brunch for the president is being held, Obama spoke to a small room of donors for about 11 minutes.

(He was introduced by the Blumes’ daughter, Libby.)

The president did not mention gay marriage, which he announced yesterday that he supports. Instead, he gave a standard campaign pitch about getting the economy back on track and ensuring all Americans have the opportunities he had, including access to a college education.

He contrasted his plan with what he says is the Republicans’ “narrow vision” that says: “If I’m doing well, it’s up to everyone else to figure out their own way.”

The president spoke in a casual tone, using a microphone in a small room, which had a view of Lake Washington and the Bellevue skyline .

The media were hustled out of the room after the speech, so reporters were unable to hear a question-and-answer session after Obama’s remarks.

The Blumes’ home is assessed at $17.5 million.

Lake Washington Boulevard through the Denny-Blaine neighborhood is the land of waterfront mansions and high hedges. The Blume house isn’t visible from the road. A steep driveway lined with cypresses curves down from the street. Three police boats were patrolling the lake not far off-shore.