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President Obama fired up supporters at a campaign fundraiser in Bellevue Friday with a call for renewed public investment in schools, trains and clean energy.

“I’m a chauvinist. I want America to have the best stuff,” Obama told the crowd of 450 at the Bellevue Westin, saying he didn’t want to see countries like China build better airports and high-speed rail.

Obama said the nation should reinvest half what it was spending in the Iraq war to rebuild America.

But Obama said the wealthy must pay their fair share of taxes.

“You didn’t do it just on your own,” he said.

“Yes we are rugged individuals… but we also recognize that for all of us to succeed we have to have an investment in each others success.”

The $1,000 a plate fundraiser capped Obama’s day in the Seattle area, which also included a $17,900-a-person fundraiser in Medina and a speech touting American manufacturing at Boeing’s Everett plant.

The president’s Seattle-area visit is part of a three-day West Coast campaign swing that included eight fundraisers.

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