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The Associated Press

SNOQUALMIE — A 3-year-old ewe in Snoqualmie has done something that rarely happens: she gave birth to a litter of seven lambs.

Colleen Pecks Finnsheep ewe, Trina, gave birth to the unusually large brood at the end of March. Trina and the four little males and three females are healthy.

American Finnsheep Breeders Association acting secretary Herb Tucker says such a feat has only been recorded twice in the United States. He says the all-time record is nine, but that happened in Finland, where the Finnsheep originate.

Peck says Finnsheep are known for having three or four lambs at a time, but she was surprised when the lambs kept popping out of Trina.

Peck keeps her as pets but sells their wool occasionally.