If there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that traffic in downtown Boise is not like traffic in, say, downtown Los Angeles.

But a new study says Boise has the worst rush hour in the United States.

And it gets even better — OK, worse.

Boise has the fifth worst rush hour in the world, too, according to the analysis, which was conducted by Fleet Logging, a trucking-industry website.

You have to go to France, or Monaco, for gnarlier traffic.

This seems insane, Idaho. Worst rush hour in America? Top five on the planet?

It’s all relative. Using TravelTime API, Fleet Logging measured how many miles you can travel outside city centers in one hour — rush hour versus off-peak times.


“The U.S. city with the biggest discrepancy is Boise, Idaho,” Fleet Logging wrote, “where you can travel 14.4 miles further in one hour by waiting for off-peak periods.”

In other words, for about 22 hours of the day, things are pretty good?

At least Boise didn’t make Fleet Logging’s list of the top 20 “hardest cities to escape during rush hour.” (No American city did.)

Whatever the case, Boise drivers have a tough road ahead. As Fleet Logging notes, the “so-called City of Trees has been plagued by bad rush hour traffic as urban development has boomed in recent years.”

With houses being built as fast as workers can pound nails, it’s hard to feel overly optimistic about the future.

Bike lanes? Toll-road expansions? Commuter rail system, anyone?