SHEDD, Ore. (AP) —

A 2-year-old boy has drowned in a river south of Albany, authorities said.

Deputies were called to a home near the town of Shedd on Wednesday evening, according to Linn County Sheriff Jim Yon.

Benjamin Gerig told authorities he had been doing yard work with his son, Marvin, when Marvin disappeared.

Authorities helped the family and neighbors search for the boy, who was found about 20 minutes later down an embankment that runs along the driveway, Yon said.

He was submerged in several inches of water in the Calpooia River. A deputy climbed down, pulled the toddler from the water and started life-saving measures. Medics took the boy to Albany General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It is believed to be an accidental drowning, the sheriff said.