SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Legislature may convene its 2020 session without Senate President Peter Courtney, who has been in a Portland hospital for nearly a month receiving treatment for a staph infection in his replacement hip and other complications.

The 76-year-old Salem Democrat told the Statesman Journal his condition — first described as a workout accident — was worse than even members of his staff knew.

While attending a reception at a conference in Arizona the first weekend of January, Courtney said he suddenly couldn’t walk. This sent him to the emergency room and later, via medical transport back to Oregon, to OHSU Hospital.

Courtney said his doctors aren’t certain how the bacteria got into his hip, which was replaced in 2009. There is speculation Courtney’s workout on a stationary bike before the conference contributed.

Courtney said he has seen at least 10 doctors in the past month, undergone two surgeries, received a new component in his replacement hip and dealt with blood clots.

Courtney said his doctors were pleased with his progress and they hoped to send him home this week. He said there is a better chance than not that he will be in the Capitol on Monday, but there is still a chance he misses the first day.

“Did it knock me down? You’re darn right it knocked me down,” Courtney said. “This is a very difficult, unpleasant experience. I’m getting through it. It’s been hard. I’m grateful I have the medical personnel in the state of Oregon that can get me through it.”‘