SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah has been ranked No. 7 in the country for census responses after 58.7% of households participated in the survey, a report said.

The Census Bureau released data Monday showing Utah is above the 53.4% national average in resident responses after about 79 million households across the county took the survey, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Response rates in Utah counties varied with the highest at 70.3% in Morgan County. Other response rates include 62.8% in Salt Lake, 64.5% in Utah and 61% in Weber counties.

Households were asked to fill out questionnaires online using codes mailed to them, officials said, adding that phone responses were also made available.

Any residents who have not filled out the census yet are scheduled to receive a paper copy in the mail by Wednesday and another postcard reminder May 9 urging participation. A census taker is expected to visit in person later this summer to collect information at houses that have yet to respond to digital and paper requests, the bureau said.

Census counts are used to determine how many seats a state receives in the U.S. House of Representatives, and determines how the federal government divides $1.5 trillion a year among the states and communities.

The highest response rate nationwide is 64% in Minnesota, while the lowest is 35.6% in Alaska, the report said.