ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A passenger in a car who shot and wounded an Anchorage, Alaska, police officer over the weekend was a 16-year-old boy, police announced Wednesday.

A second officer fired back and killed the juvenile gunman, police said. The boy’s name was not released.

The bullet fired by the teen struck the first officer’s badge and deflected into his body armor, police said.

“While each investigation is different, in this case we felt it was important to share with everyone how close we came to having an officer seriously injured or killed in the line of duty,” police said in the announcement.

The department released photos of the damaged shield.

“”These photos are a stark reminder of the dangers our officers sometimes face while protecting our city,'” the department said.

The shooting occurred early Sunday when officers with the Impaired Driving Enforcement Unit stopped a sedan at the main access point into downtown Anchorage from the north. The car carried a male driver and four male passengers, police said.


As the car was stopped, a passenger in the back seat pulled out a gun and fired shots at the officers, police said.

The officer hit by the bullet did not fire his service weapon. The uninjured officer, identified Wednesday by authorities as Officer Jason Cusack, a member of the department since 2015, fired at the teen, who was hit in the upper body and killed.

The officer struck by the gunman sustained non-life threatening injuries, police said, due to the body armor.

The state Office of Special Prosecutions will review Cusack’s use of deadly force and determine whether it was justified.