POWERS, Ore. (AP) — A recall petition was started this month against the mayor and a council member in the small southwestern Oregon town of Powers. which claims the city officials are not governing with the city’s best interest in mind.

Powers resident Robert Leckband filed the petition in December against Powers Mayor Robert Kohn after he said he and other concerned residents noticed a lack of transparency and communication with the public, The World reported.

The council’s decision to fire its former police chief and not take into consideration the community’s wants was the last straw, Leckband said.

The petition says Kohn has acted as a department head and does the work of staff. It also said Kohn fails to follow city charter and meets with selective councilors to discuss city matters outside official meetings.

Kohn denies the allegations, saying he believes he has acted in the city’s best interest. He said he’s never performed city staff’s work but has assisted the Public Works Department when it was shorthanded.

He also denied knowingly violating city charter and meeting with councilors.

If Leckband gathers the required number of signatures by early March and the signatures are validated, a special recall election will be scheduled.