SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot Tuesday and encouraged other eligible Oregonians to discuss booster shots with doctors.

“Vaccinations are our way out of this pandemic,” Brown said from Salem Health’s Edgewater Clinic. ”

The Statesman Journal reports that Brown had the Johnson & Johnson shot earlier this year, and received the Moderna vaccine for her booster shot.

The Federal Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control have approved “mixing” coronavirus vaccinations for boosters.

Booster shots are recommended for people who received a two-shot vaccination more than six months ago and are: 65 yand older; 18 years old and older residing in a long-term care facility, or 50-64 years old with underlying medical conditions or at increased risk of social inequities.

Brown was eligible for the booster shot because she received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine; recipients of that vaccine are eligible to receive a booster two months after having the shot.

Brown said Tuesday she does not expect the state to mandate booster shots, but instead to focus on informing people who are eligible.