PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland State University said Friday its police officers will start patrolling campus unarmed by Sept. 1.

The university had said it would make that change in 2020, but it was unable to meet that goal. Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

The initial announcement of disarming officers on PSU’s campus came about two years after university police fatally shot Jason Washington, a Black man who was reportedly attempting to break up a fight.

PSU President Stephen Percy wrote in a message to the campus community that Campus Public Safety Chief Willie Halliburton has committed to beginning unarmed campus patrols before the start of the fall term.

“I appreciate the leadership of Chief Halliburton and members of the CPSO team for their commitment to innovation in campus safety,” Percy wrote.

Percy formed the Reimagine Campus Safety Committee last year to plan new safety strategies.

“The committee will review the work of those groups and make recommendations this fall to my office and to the PSU Board of Trustees on the future of our campus public safety,” he wrote.