PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese has sent out a special order to deputies permitting people arrested for misdemeanor crimes to be booked into jail.

Previously, police officers issued a citation for misdemeanor crimes including reckless burning and criminal mischief and ordered the person to appear in court later, KGW reported.

The change in booking criteria took effect on April 23, according to a memo signed by the sheriff.

Sheriff’s office spokesperson Chris Liedle said the changes were in the “interest of public safety” and will have little to no impact on the corrections system. The special order comes after recent violent demonstrations in Portland in which several businesses and public buildings were vandalized.

Since the changes in booking criteria took effect, three people have been booked on second-degree criminal mischief charges, according to a sheriff’s office spokesperson.

Wheeler has said he hopes an aggressive crackdown will stop the small group of people who have broken windows, spray-painted graffiti and set fires.