JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Juneau police said they arrested three men after their response to a call of a knife-wielding man devolved into a “chaotic scene” with some bystanders crowding around, filming and yelling at officers.

All on-duty officers were called to the downtown area Wednesday afternoon “to help the situation from getting worse,” police said in a release.

Officers initially responded to a call alleging a man, identified as 41-year-old Tyler Seth Johnson, pulled a knife on another man. Police said Johnson also had outstanding warrants and was detained. As they investigated the incident, police say they tried to keep back bystanders who “started to gather to watch, make video recordings and yell at police.”

Most of the bystanders who gathered at the scene were on the sidewalk though some were in the roadway next to officers, according to the release from the Juneau Police Department.

The release said officers arrested 31-year-old Willie James Gillen and 47-year-old Adam John Marquardt for disorderly conduct and resisting or interfering with an officer. Police said pepper spray was used on Marquardt after they say he refused orders to stay away.

Police continue investigating. An online court record system did not yet show the cases nor attorneys for the men Thursday.