GRANGEVILLE, Idaho (AP) — A rural Idaho county is complying with state law by approving a comprehensive land use plan after 45 years of resistance.

Idaho County commissioners approved the land use plan on Tuesday, along with a one-page planning and zoning ordinance, The Lewiston Tribune reported.

The county was one of a handful of municipalities across Idaho that have resisted complying with the 1975 Local Land Use Planning Act. Though past commissioners occasionally tried to get the county to follow the law, each time they were convinced to reverse course by large groups of protesters.

Last spring, however, the Idaho Attorney General’s office contacted the commissioners and advised them to begin complying with the law or face consequences, which could have included personal sanctions. The new comprehensive plan is minimal, but complies with state law. It received mostly favorable comments from residents. The planning and zoning ordinance simply sets out Idaho County residents’ rights to do what they wish with their property.

“The main thrust (of these measures) is private property rights,” said Commission Chairman Skip Brandt. “This was a tool to explain to citizens what it means to live in Idaho County. … It lays out the guidelines of what we believe is the Idaho County code.”