REEDSPORT, Ore. (AP) — The shooting by police of a Springfield murder suspect in Reedsport has been ruled justified.

A grand jury made the decision after hearing from a dozen witnesses to the police shooting of David Ruozi Jr., KEZI-TV reported.

Douglas County district attorney Rick Wesenberg saud Ruozi was suspected of shooting to death Springfield garden caretaker Richard Marshall, 70.

Authorities conducted a traffic stop involving Ruozi on March 9 after an investigation into Marshall’s murder, and the shooting followed hours of negotiation. Springfield police had been searching for Ruozi along coastal towns before the standoff in connection to Marshall’s murder.

Wesenberg said Ruozi knew details about the murder that only the killer would know. The DA said the authorities on scene acted with professionalism and restraint and did everything they could to bring the situation to a peaceful end.

The shooting was considered to be “inevitable,” Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg said during a Tuesday news conference.

Douglas County’s major crimes team and the district attorney’s office conducted “extensive” investigations following the shooting, Wesenberg added.