The Edgewater hotel in Seattle is turning 55. And for just a few million, you can rent it for an entire month.

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Considering the growing expense of living in the city, the Edgewater hotel’s $5.5 million package offer is hardly surprising.

What do you get for that price? Exclusive access to the hotel’s 223 guest rooms and amenities for 30 days. For the more frugal among us, the hotel is offering a three-day package that provides full access to Seattle’s only overwater hotel for a cool $550,000.

Alternatively, Expedia offers The Edgewater’s premium room — just one — with a king-size bed and a view of the water for $255 this Saturday.

The unusual mega-promotion is being offered in conjunction with the hotel’s 55th anniversary.

Since opening in 1962, the hotel has hosted music icons like the Village People, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.