BEND, Ore. (AP) — A former Deschutes County deputy district attorney who sued the county, alleging race and sexual discrimination has reached an $87,500 settlement with the county, District Attorney John Hummel announced Thursday.

A Portland attorney representing Jasmyn Troncoso, who was hired in 2019, filed the tort claim notice a year ago, alleging the discrimination began in the summer of 2019. She resigned in 2020 before the notice of intent to sue was filed.

Troncoso alleged her co-workers bullied her, told her she was unqualified and a drama queen, accused her of having affairs and ridiculed her for speaking Spanish.

The office hired an investigator who found one allegation was substantiated. The substantiated claim was that a mug with offensive language on it was on the desk of an employee. That employee was suspended for five days without pay as a result, according to a news release from Hummel’s office.

“Because the mug was offensive, because Ms. Troncoso saw it when she worked in the office and was rightfully bothered by it, and because she experienced stress and discomfort as a result of observing the mug, the County chose to compensate her and take steps to ensure something like this never happens again,” the news release says.

After the investigator’s report was released, Troncoso expressed disappointment but not surprise at the findings and her lawyer, Matthew Ellis, disputed the independent nature of the investigation, calling it “hugely biased.”