EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — The Eugene Police Department will add “displays of force” to the list of actions officers must report.

Starting June 14, any time an officer points a Taser, non-lethal impact weapon or firearm at someone but does not use it, the incident will be reported and demographic information about the person affected will also be noted. Also recorded will be the use of a police dog to gain compliance from a suspect.

The police force already must report use-of-force incidents, such as when an officer fires a service weapon or Taser at someone.

Police Chief Chris Skinner tells the Register Guard that displays of force can be just as impactful as actual use of force and the incidents should be examined for any racial disparities in the same way.

“Having any of these pointed at you is an immediate physical threat, even if it is not ultimately deployed,” Police Chief Chris Skinner said.

That kind of tracking provides a “warning system for any disparate treatment of racial, ethnic, gender or other demographic groups,” Skinner said.

Officers received training last year on the new requirements they’ll have when entering reporting incidents of force, and the system changes had been in the development phase since last summer, according to a news release.