A search for items to sell in a garage sale turned up an unexpected artifact for a Cowlitz County woman and her daughter over the weekend: a real hand grenade.

The original 911 call came from the daughter, who reported Saturday afternoon that her mother in Kalama had found the device, according to Cowlitz 911 dispatch logs. Kalama Police investigated the call and requested the Portland Bomb Squad investigate.

The grenade appeared to be real but it was inert, Portland Police Bureau Lt. Greg Pashley said in an email: “It did not pose any danger to the public.”

The mother told officers she knew about the grenade, which had belonged to her deceased husband, a military veteran, Kalama Police Chief Ralph Herrera said. But she’d forgotten it was still among his belongings before happening across it during their garage sale search.

“It was an older grenade, the kind you’d typically find replicas of that would be inert,” Herrera said. “It was difficult to tell based off of the general weight and appearance whether it was a real grenade or not, but out of an abundance of caution, we treated it as though it was real.”