EPHRATA, Grant County — There was a police chase Tuesday in Ephrata. But unlike most suspects, this one had claws and fangs and ran on four legs.

At 9:24 a.m. Tuesday, the Ephrata Police Department received a report of a “big cat” sighting within city limits, said Heather Van Paepeghem, secretary with the department. Turns out it was a cougar.

State Fish and Wildlife and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office joined in the search and the cougar was seen jumping a fence and into a yard. The homeowner went outside to see what the commotion was, Van Paepeghem said.

The cougar unsuccessfully attempted to jump into the home through a window and when that didn’t work it tore through a screen door, Van Paepeghem said.

When Fish and Wildlife officers entered the home the cougar was in the kitchen. They shot it with tranquilizer darts and it tried to leave through a window over the kitchen sink, Van Paepeghem said.

They shot it again and the cougar fell unconscious in the sink.

Fish and Wildlife tagged the cougar and then released it into the wild.