Officers in Clark County shot someone in the Hazel Dell community near Vancouver on Thursday evening, according to a witness.

The Clark County Sheriff’s office confirmed deputies “were involved in a shooting,” but gave no information about the person shot. The agency said the shooting occurred just before 6 p.m. Thursday near a Quality Inn and a US Bank.

In a statement released five hours after the shooting, the sheriff’s office said the Camas Police Department would investigate what happened. Camas police could not be reached late Thursday.

Meanwhile, multiple social media posts named a man they said was shot and killed by officers. The Oregonian/OregonLive has not yet independently confirmed this.

One witness, who wanted only to be identified by his first name, Dan, said he was driving along Highway 99 when several police cars sped into the bank parking lot.

Dan said there was a Black man in the parking lot, “just hopping around, looking worried.” Officers pulled up and exited their cars with guns drawn and quickly fired.


“And all of a sudden we just start hearing ‘pop pop pop pop,’” he said. “We didn’t understand how fast it happened.”

The man who was shot “looked really scared” as police arrived. The man appeared to have his hands in his pockets, Dan said, and the shooting felt nearly “instantaneous.”

Taylor Lappier, who was driving in the area, did not hear shots fired but said he saw “roughly 25 officers wielding guns and/or riot shields” around the bank as he neared the scene, including officers with Vancouver Police.

Several journalists reported that a crowd began to gather near the scene of the shooting late Thursday, shouting the name of the man believed to have been killed.